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April 20, 201701:07 PM
Great educational NARPM Houston meeting. There is several necessary policies and procedures to put in place for your protection and that of the owner and tenants.
March 14, 201709:56 AM
Photos from Capital Care Plumbing's post We are back! Extremely excited to renew with BNI Cinco Ranch meeting at The Club at Falcon Point. Today's speaker was Kevin Catchings owner of Shingle Hut Complete Roofing Services with great information about the correct installation of a new ...
February 24, 201707:41 AM
Beckye Thank you Becky for your kind words!
Just wanted to say Thanks to Capital Care Plumbing for their help with my plumbing issues yesterday after springing a hot water leak and breking a line behind my fridge to ice maker ...
January 14, 201703:35 PM
Cynthia F.'s review of Capital Care Plumbing Thank you so much Aaron M Reinhard for taking care of our customer. Great testimonial!πŸŽ‰
GREAT, GREAT SERVICE!!!!! 10 STARS!!! Called Capital Care Plumbing at 9:00 PM and Aaron Reinhard a Master Plumber was here in less than 30 minutes. ...
January 12, 201702:13 PM
Timeline Photos Welcome our newest plumber: Stephen Finch, with 4 years experience in the businesse πŸšΏπŸš½πŸ›
Capital Care Plumbing Congratulations at Capital Care Plumbing.
January 7, 201701:44 PM
Photos from Capital Care Plumbing's post Remember, plumbing isn't just water, its gas piping too! Gas leaks are a dangerous and potentially deadly problems. Sewer drain lines sometimes need to be replaced. Aging of the waste piping can cause cracks in walls or floor waste lines ...
December 14, 201608:46 AM
Timeline Photos Enjoying a holiday party with my friends & long term business contractor Bud and Becky Wyatt with B&W RemodelingπŸŽ‡πŸŽ†πŸŽ‰
Capital Care Plumbing at Capital Care Plumbing.
December 10, 201609:37 AM
Al S.'s review of Capital Care Plumbing What an amazing testimonial! Thank you Aaron for taking care of our customer. Greatly appreciate my team!
On a Friday eve (around 7 PM) all of a sudden, I had a problem with my water pressure (too low) in my ...
December 8, 201606:42 PM
Google My Business This is an amazing testimonial. I really feel honored since she has only reviewed one other company I. I greatly appreciate my team!!!
Get your business on Google for free with Google My Business
December 2, 201606:09 PM
I truly appreciate the team I work with! They outshine every time!!!πŸ’ΉπŸ˜

"Bill Troxell Rating Review posted on
Dec 2, 2016
Set and met all expectations. Mr. Steve did solid work."
Capital Care Plumbing at Capital Care Plumbing.
December 1, 201603:32 PM
Kelsey H.'s review of Capital Care Plumbing Love reading testimonials from our customers!!!!
Called with a pretty bad plumbing problem, two guys show up and they were so nice and courteous and got the job done very fast!...
December 1, 201610:35 AM
So you want to be a business owner.
Capital Care Plumbing at Capital Care Plumbing.
December 1, 201610:33 AM
So you want to be a business owner.
Capital Care Plumbing was live β€” at Capital Care Plumbing.
November 23, 201608:21 AM
Channel 2 investigates cancer-causing chemical in Houston's drinking water Interesting article.
Channel 2 Investigates discovers cancer causing chemicals in Houston's drinking water. It's happening in neighborhoods across the city.
November 4, 201611:16 AM
New Construction South Houston Texas
Capital Care Plumbing was live.
October 24, 201601:22 PM
Plumbing Permits Sugarland, Texas
Capital Care Plumbing was live.
September 28, 201602:37 PM
Timeline Photos Save $50 on your Water Heater! Don't go without hot water. Request a plumber visit today.
September 28, 201602:14 PM
24/7 Katy Plumbing Services How is your plumbing? Are you having issues with your Hot Water Heater, Drainage, Leaky Faucets, Toilets or Garbage Disposals? Call (281) 693-0006 Today
September 5, 201609:52 AM
Timeline Photos Have a blast!
Capital Care Plumbing feeling thankful at Capital Care Plumbing.
August 19, 201610:49 AM
Nicole L.'s review of Capital Care Plumbing Thankful to read how our customers trust and look for our advice. Aaron is a great honest plumber!
I had a leak around a vent, and originally thought it was an AC problem. After two AC companies claiming they could ...
July 22, 201604:17 PM
Brad Wilkerson's Plumbing Tip on Water Heaters Here is a great tip and recommendation that will save you money!
Capital Care Plumbing thinking about Water Heater Warranty with Megan Roberson and 4 others at Capital Care Plumbing.
August 26, 201401:17 PM
Capital Care Plumbing Katy TXCapital Care Plumbing Katy TX Electric water heater/Katy, TX, gas water heater/Katy, TX, water h... +1s 0 0 0
August 26, 201401:14 PM
Why does our work stand out from others who do what we do?Perfect example... Capital Care Plumbing | 281-693-0006Your Katy Plumber. Serving Katy and Cinco Ranch since 1999 and now expanding to Richmond TX, West Houston, Fulshear, Sugar Land, Cypress and Jersey Village. Experience does make the difference! Thinking about remodeling the kitchen or bathroom? We can help ... +1s 0 2 0

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We are founded on the highest standards in the plumbing industry and run our business on Christian based values. Our plumbers utilize the latest technology to provide you with exceptional residential and commercial plumbing services. Our Mission is to provide high quality service that will exceed our customers' expectations. We utilize honest, reliable, trustworthy employees and business practices to achieve complete customer satisfaction. Our Vision is to build a successful, wholesome premier plumbing company, that makes all that are a part of Capital Care Plumbing, successful as well.
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20820 Park Row Drive
Katy, TX 77449

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